Relive your memories with a First Birthday Video

The first 12 months fly by so fast. Bottling up your baby’s first year with a first birthday video, is the most memorable way to look back and relive those precious first months.

At Corvallis Video we love to bottle up memories on video. When we watch our own kids videos back from when they were younger, it takes us right back to that place and time. A photo is a lovely reminder, but video is the closest thing to actually reliving the memory.

There are three ways we like to create first birthday videos to savor the memories of baby’s first year.

First Birthday Party Video

  1. Let’s capture the action and fun of the first birthday party! We love to come to the party and to film your baby tasting her first birthday cake and enjoying time with her family and friends. With all of our first birthday film options we want to include your cell phone footage of her first year! In our opinion this is what makes the first birthday video so special, reliving all the milestones and daily moments from baby’s first year. Check out Ana’s First Birthday Video, her parents had a big summer bash in their front yard with family and friends.
Ana’s First Birthday Video

First Birthday Video Session at 11 months

2. Another option for a first birthday video for your baby’s first year is to do an in home film session at 11 months. Shooting the video at 11 months means that we will be able to edit the video before your baby’s first birthday party so that you can show it at the party! It will be so special to share with family and friends how much baby has changed over the past 12 months. This option will include your home videos from your cell phone as well. Check out Madelynn’s First Birthday Video, her parents included an incredibly touching voice over love letter for Madelynn. They showed this video at her first birthday party and it was a hit.

Madelynn’s First Birthday Video

First Year Video with Cell Phone Footage

3. The last option for a baby’s first year video keepsake, is a cell phone footage only film. We will ask you to send over 40-75 video clips via Google Photos or Dropbox, from baby’s first year. We will choose the perfect music and the best moments to put together a sweet highlight of the first 12 months. We love editing and putting together videos that you will love watching and sharing with family and friends.

Video of Molly’s first year

Molly’s First Year Video

Choosing to create a first birthday video with us means you will be able to relive your baby’s first moments in motion and sound. We would love to connect with you about which option would be the best fit for your family to bottle up your baby’s first year memories. We would love to hear from you! contact us.

Preparing for your in home newborn photo and video session

Baby newborn girl with bow on bed

In home newborn photography offers you the convenience and simplicity of having professional photos and video taken in the comfort of your own home. Here are some reasons why in home newborn photography may be the best option for you:

When you have your session at home, there’s no need to worry about packing up all your supplies or traveling to a studio with a new baby. It is your space and you are most comfortable in it.

You don’t need to worry about timing feedings or worrying if baby will sleep on schedule; this allows you to focus on enjoying the experience. I won’t be watching the clock, we will let baby lead and take our time to create meaningful photos and video.

Your home is where you make most of your memories. It is your safe place. And those are the memories you will want to reminisce about 10, 20, 30 years from now.

There are a few things you can do prior to our photo and video session to prepare for a smooth in home newborn session. This is a short list and I will be checking in before our session to make sure we are on track and to remind you of these simple tips.

Getting Ready for your in home newborn session

Do a quick tidy of the nursery, your bedroom and living room. These are the rooms you spend the most time in and often have the best natural light.  Don’t worry my camera won’t detect any dust! So don’t worry about any deep cleaning. But do take a look around and if there are piles of unnecessary clutter, put them in the closet! Out of sight, out of the frame!

Go ahead and open up all the blinds and curtains. And turn off all the overhead lights before I arrive. It sounds counter intuitive but natural light looks best for photos and video.

Choose outfits that coordinate for all the members of the family, but aren’t too matchy. It usually works best if you (mom) chooses your outfit first, and then choose outfits for your spouse, baby and siblings that compliment. Neutrals work well, think white, gray, tans. Also complimentary colors work well. There are a few things to avoid when it comes to wardrobe. Thin stripes create an unsettling effect on video called the Moire Effect. Moiré occurs in a photograph when a scene, an object or fabric being photographed contains repetitive details dots, checks, lines, stripe that exceed the sensor resolution the camera produces a strange-looking wavy pattern. So steer clear of thin stripes. Also, black tends to be a dominate color and draws the eye away from faces. So I recommend not wearing black for your in home newborn session. I am always more than happy to help with styling.

Turn the heat up! I love capturing baby’s sweet little unswaddled body and it’s easiest to do that if it’s warm in the house. Two options. You can turn your whole house up for our session, or we can use a space heater in the bedroom.

If baby has siblings, be sure to give them a snack before I arrive. We want them ready to play, hang out and cuddle baby without being hangry.

Interested in booking an in home newborn photo and video session with us? We would love to hear about your newest addition and make a plan to come capture this stage in photos and on video for you. Get in touch here

Now offering Family Photos with Family Film Session

Family Photos offered with Family Film Session

2022 is quickly coming to a close, and one of the biggest changes we made this year was to add on family photos to our family film packages. We love taking photos and capturing the perfect moment in time. Our family film, newborn film and first birthday film sessions now all include 15-25 edited photos delivered via our online gallery delivery site PixieSet.

Display Your Family Photos 

There are so many ways to display and enjoy your family photos from our session together. Family photos can be printed and put up on walls to create beautiful wall art. We ordered a large canvas print from our own family photo session, from Mpix. Pictures can be printed in photo books with the complete gallery for a beautiful coffee table display. We have used Shutterfly to print photo books to give as gifts for family members. Check out Shutterfly’s offerings here. We were so pleased to receive multiple Christmas cards this year from families we had photographed in 2022 as well.

Family Photos with Corvallis Video

We offer lifestyle, in home sessions as well as outdoor sessions. When you book, we will jump on a call and talk through what it is about this season in life that you would like to bottle up. Maybe it’s playing in your backyard, reading books on the couch, walking on your favorite trail, making pancakes together or having a dance party in the living room. However your family spends time together and plays, let’s bottle it up on video and in family photos.

We are happy to offer a client guide for preparing for our session together. The guide gives some direction for how to prepare your home and wardrobe for our film and photo session together. We send this guide along once you book with us with a $100 deposit and a signed contract.

We would love to be both your Corvallis family videographer and Corvallis family photographer. Reach out through our contact page to inquire about booking your family photo and family film session. Sessions start at $800.  We can’t wait to work with your family and capture memories you can relive and pass down to your children.