Our Story

How we got started in videography

One week before our own wedding, we asked around our family to see if someone could record video for us. It turned out my cousin’s 8 year old son had a camcorder. Bingo! We thought we were set. Fast forward to when we sat down and popped the VHS into the VCR. We were surprised, not in a good way.

During the ceremony, Matt is completely out of the frame! The rest of the video looks like it was shot by an 8 year old. Bless my little second cousin for doing his best. But we regretted not having captured our most important day on video professionally. So when our friends started getting married and we looked around and no one was recording it, not even a willing 8 year old, we decided to step up. We didn’t want our friends to have the same regrets. That was the start of our journey into capturing memories on video.  We love a good love story and are so happy to film a small number of weddings each year.

Our interest in video has evolved. Matt has experience capturing events such as dance recitals, theater productions, and recently live streaming events.  I have found my passion in capturing the joy in the daily life of families. Our lives are so beautiful in the every day connections. I feel this so keenly as our oldest kiddo is nearing the end of High School.

We feel so blessed to get to work together and to record moving memories that you will want to watch time and again.

A little bit about Matt

  • Matt loves outdoor sports, especially mountain biking, triathlons, and hiking with our family.
  • Matt is a computer engineer at HP, and is the tech guru of this small biz.
  • He loves projects and is often wiring, fixing, planting, or wood working something with one or more of our kids.
  • He is the better cook!
  • He is a serial documenter and by far has more pics/videos on his camera roll than me.

A little bit about Sarah

  • I love reading! I currently have 6 books from the library on my bedside table. My favorite genre is biography. It is so interesting to me to read about lives well lived.
  • I am most happy out on one of the many trails around Corvallis. Our family tries to go out every Sunday afternoon for fresh air, exercise and forest bath.
  • My degree from Oregon State University, is in Human Development and Family Sciences. I have worked and volunteered in multiple preschool classrooms. I love working with kids. It is the best to get to spend time with families and their kiddos with a camera in hand.
  • My main job is loving and raising our four kiddos, ages 17, 13, 11 and 4. It’s pretty chaotic around here, but I’m learning to take deep breathes and savor the present. Ask me about meditation, I love to talk about how it’s helped me be a better more regulated mama!

Check out this feature article on the Filming Life Academy blog about my work here.

Our own Family Film at Seal Rock, Oregon. Videography by Sierra Ambrosek Media, edited by Corvallis Video. http://sierraambrosekmedia.com

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