Our Story

Matt and I are college sweethearts. Our birthdays are one day apart. We plan surprise anniversary trips for each other every other year. We’ve traveled to Hawaii, Mexico, Japan, Israel, Crater Lake and stayed on a yacht on the Columbia River. We really enjoy exploring new places together.

We have four kiddos ages 15, 11, 9 and 3 years old. Our family enjoys spending time with our church community, cooking vegan food together, and heading out on the trail every Sunday afternoon rain or shine.  We especially enjoy capturing our own family’s memories on video. 

We started our journey into videography a few years ago when we started to film weddings for friends. We had made the mistake of not hiring a professional videographer for our own wedding. We asked around  the family one week before our wedding, and turns out my cousin’s 8 year old son had a camcorder. Bingo! We thought we were set. Fast forward to when we got the video. During the ceremony, Matt is completely out of the frame! The rest of the video looks like it was shot by an 8 year old. Bless my little second cousin for doing his best. But we regretted not having captured our most important day on video professionally. So when our friends started getting married and we looked around and no one was recording it, not even a willing 8 year old, we decided to step up. We didn’t want our friends to have the same regrets. We love a good love story and are so happy to film a small number of weddings each year.

Our interest in video has evolved. Matt has experience videoing events such as dance recitals, theater productions, and recently live streaming events.  I have found my passion in capturing the joy in the daily life of families. Our lives are so beautiful in the details. We feel so blessed to get to work together and to record moving memories that you will want to watch time and again.

Sarah and Matt MacClary, Corvallis Oregon